News Releases 2014

Pre-Start Inspection

Immersive Technologies Launches Machine Pre-Start Inspection Tool

18 December 2014

Everyday thousands of operators across the world begin their shift by assessing and responding to equipment issues before they begin operations but how can mine sites be sure pre-start inspections are properly completed and that safety, machine uptime and maintenance costs have not been compromised? A new interactive and virtual tool from Immersive Technologies has been launched to ensure effective and consistent training and assessment of operators on machine inspection routines.

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Immersive Technologies PRO3-B Simulator
Immersive Technologies Provides Fully Staffed On-Site Training Solution at Large Copper Mine in Chile
17 December 2014

Immersive Technologies, the global leader in operator workforce development solutions for mining announced today that a major multinational mining company has chosen to integrate a fully staffed on-site training solution at one of its mines near Santiago, Chile.

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Immersive Technologies IM360 Simulator
Immersive Technologies Receives NIOSH Tender Award to Supply Continuous Miner Simulation for Advanced Research
23 October 2014

Immersive Technologies has been announced as the recipient of an award to supply mining equipment simulators to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Office of Mining Safety and Health (OMSHR).

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Solutions from Immersive Technologies
Demand for ROI from Miners Propels Immersive Technologies’ Business
26 September 2014

The procurement process for capital investments at mines is under more scrutiny than ever before, with return on investment (ROI) being thoroughly examined. Mining companies are challenging suppliers to ensure they deliver the results they claim. In mining equipment operator training, Immersive Technologies has been vocal about their solutions delivering substantial in-field improvements in areas including tire life, unscheduled maintenance, spot times and fuel consumption. Recently, Immersive Technologies released details stating customer demand for ROI together with the essential expertise and technology required to deliver this ROI, has driven growth in their services oriented activities which now account for 49% of their business.

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Immersive Technologies Joy 10SC32 Shuttle Car Simulator
Shifting Mining Trends Aid in Growth and New Developments for Immersive Technologies
25 August 2014

While lower commodity demand and prices have impacted most aspects of mining related businesses, some mining technology and services companies are using the challenging market to better align their offering and tailor new solutions to support current and future industry needs. Immersive Technologies, the global leader in simulation based training for mining, has seen a year of growth in its customer base, product and service offering, and most importantly in the results their customers are achieving.

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Immersive Technologies Hydraulic Excavator Simulator
Roy Hill Chooses Immersive Technologies for Operator Training Solutions
19 August 2014

Immersive Technologies simulation based training is a common sight in the Pilbara region of Western Australia and their footprint will continue to grow when the newest mine site, Roy Hill, opens in 2015. The project is expected to produce 55 million tonne per annum making it Australia's fourth biggest iron ore producer.

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Saudi Polytechnic class
Simulation Based Training Centers Address Skilled Labor Shortage
13 August 2014

The availability of skilled mining workers is a common struggle in many countries throughout the world, impacting mining productivity, safety and ultimately profitability. Many countries are forecasting dire shortages in the coming years due to unskilled talent pools, an aging workforce and increased mining production. The development of operator training programs is a key focus for governments, mines and educational institutions. In support of this industry challenge, Immersive Technologies’ solutions have proven to be vital at numerous training centers around the world.

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Codelco Gabriela Mistral AHS Training Center
Immersive Technologies Delivers World’s First Simulation Based Training Solution for Autonomous Mining to Codelco's Gabriela Mistral Copper Mine
29 May 2014

Advancements in mine automation technology have created many new opportunities for mining companies to increase their productivity, reduce cost and increase safety. Along with these new opportunities have come new challenges. A major challenge in the adoption of automation is people, or more specifically the re-shaping of a mining operation’s workforce to thinking and working differently. This is a key obstacle in the path of successful deployment and operation of autonomous mining systems.

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PRO3-B Transportable Simulator
Komatsu Dealer, Road Machinery, to Deliver Better Mobile Equipment Performance for Mining Customers through Simulator Training
12 May 2014

A Mexican machinery dealer will be helping its customers reduce maintenance costs and increase machine availability though the use of Immersive Technologies’ simulator training solutions. Road Machinery, of MITSUI Group, is adding value to their customers and support offering through simulator based machine operator training at its recently inaugurated training center in Saltillo, Coahuila. The selfcontained PRO3-B Advanced Equipment Simulator is transportable and can be moved easily between locations allowing Road Machinery to offer training at the training center and customer sites.

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Chris Curfman, Caterpillar Global Mining and Peter Salfinger, Immersive Technologies
Immersive Technologies and Caterpillar Global Mining Extend Partnership
5 May 2014

Caterpillar Global Mining and Immersive Technologies have extended their decade long partnership by renewing their exclusive relationship for a further five years. Through this formal agreement, Caterpillar Global Mining will continue to exclusively recommend Immersive Technologies’ high and medium fidelity training simulator products while providing the confidential technical information required to develop the simulators.

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IM360 High Fidelity Simulator
Immersive Technologies Launches the IM360, Redefining Simulator Based Training for Mining
18 March 2014

Now more than ever the use of Immersive Technologies, Advanced Equipment Simulators to train mining equipment operators is recognized as a global best practice. Immersive Technologies’ simulators are used at hundreds of sites around the world to train green operators, improve experienced operators, drive continuous improvement projects and ultimately deliver real results in safety, productivity and unscheduled maintenance. With the announcement of the new IM360 Advanced Equipment Simulator, Immersive Technologies has expanding the scope of simulation based training to now go beyond equipment operator training, while dramatically increasing the level of training flexibility available.

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Liebherr Haul Truck Simulator
Liebherr and Immersive Technologies renew their exclusive alliance for a further five-year period
13 March 2014

After nearly ten years of delivering the most accurate Liebherr advanced equipment simulators for mining excavators and haul trucks, Liebherr has chosen to continue their exclusive partnership with Immersive Technologies in order to develop specifically-designed training kits for Liebherr Mining machinery.

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Haul Truck Training Simulator
6.9% Fuel Cost Reduction Earns Indonesian Mining Contractor Recognition
26 February 2014

Cipta Kridatama, one of Indonesia’s leading mining contractors, improved haul truck fuel efficiency by 6.9% using simulation based training earning them Immersive Technologies’ Global Business Improvement Award for 2013. The award is the highest recognition in the industry for mining companies using simulation for operator training and business improvement. It recognizes the achievements of mine sites focused on improving operational safety, efficiency and productivity through strategic and focused training initiatives.

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