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Immersive Technologies works closely with mining operations and equipment manufacturers to solve real mining industry problems in areas of safety, productivity, reactive maintenance and the availability of skilled equipment operators. This approach has allowed Immersive Technologies to consistently deploy solutions that deliver Real Results, while accumulating an extensive catalog of quantified business improvements achieved by our global mining customers.

Real results - documented and verified by external parties

In a world where anyone can claim to be the best it’s important to rely on facts. Our case studies are documented and verified—we encourage you to ask for the proof. With the largest deployment of mining simulators, global customer base, industry endorsement, proven results and engineering expertise, Immersive Technologies is the recognized and trusted leader in mining training solutions.

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Training operators for zero harm

Zero Harm: Training for the Safest Operations

With over 100,000 operator training sessions analyzed we know that less than 50% of experienced operators can recall the procedure to respond to an emergency machine failure. We can deliver over 90% pass rates through Immersive Technologies’ proven training solutions.

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Autonomous trucks

Autonomous Mining Training Solutions

Mining operations adopting autonomous systems need to train a large number of personnel in a relatively short period of time. Autonomous mining operations using traditional training methods report as low as 15% retention of knowledge among trainees and inconsistent field training. The integration of our solutions are proven to increase effectiveness, deliver consistent training and reduce human error.

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Remote Trainer Station

Solutions for Remote Training

Operator training drives behavioral change and performance improvement, but today’s physical distancing requirements dampen the effects of one on one training. Immersive Technologies has expanded our efforts to keep your people safe while maintaining the high levels of learning engagement and knowledge retention that the mining industry knows us for.

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Unscheduled maintenance on truck

Reduced Unscheduled Maintenance

Machine availability is an ongoing challenge in the mining industry. Poor operator behaviors and operational practices such as abusive shifting, engine overspeed and brake abuse contribute to a loss in production while machines are down. Reactive maintenance is an inefficient way to address fleet availability and companies are more likely to suffer from heightened maintenance costs, longer periods of unplanned equipment downtime and lost mine productivity.

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Dozer stockpiling

Safer Dozer Stockpiling Operations

Coal stockpiling operations pose a high risk to operator safety and can lead to injuries or death if correct procedures are not followed; incidents can also halt operations and significantly impact repair and maintenance costs.

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Tire on Cat 777D

Increased Tire Life

Tires represent a significant expense in a mining operation and are a powerful area for cost containment. Maximizing tire life increases machine availability and proactively addresses issues like global tire shortages. Immersive Technologies has worked with major OEMs and mining operations around the globe to deliver a mean 10.4% increase in mining truck tire life using Advanced Equipment Simulator based operator training programs.

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Fuel guage

Reduced Fuel Costs

An affordable way to address the challenges of rising fuel costs and environmental responsibility. Give mining equipment operators the skills and knowledge they need to operate in a productive manner while assessing and eliminating behaviors that cause excess fuel consumption.

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Immersive Technologies training center design

Mining Education/Training Centers

Immersive Technologies’ simulation based training is a key element of equipment operator training programs around the world. Immersive Technologies’ training solutions are designed to develop the most skilled workforce and deliver quantified business improvements.

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Green operator training in simulator

Green Operator Training

Immersive Technologies offers mining operations a training model that ensures high levels of staff readiness and operational improvement, while taking advantage of a range of technologies to ensure the most cost effective solution and high trainee throughput. This is done via blending eLearning, Instructor Led Training, Medium and High Fidelity Simulators, with customized content and curriculum to meet the needs of specific operations.

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Remote operation training simulator

Remote Operation Training Technologies

Mine sites introducing remote operation technologies find that operators require a new set of skills to operate efficiently. Training solutions from Immersive Technologies give remote equipment operators the skills and understanding to transition from traditional operation to remote operation quickly; minimizing impact to production and ensuring that machines remain in operation for longer periods.

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Training for improved productivity on simulator

Improved Productivity

We know that equipment performance is heavily dependent on operator skill, knowledge and attitude. Our unique data analytics based approach ensures our customers focus on the right issues that will deliver the highest returns. We work closely with mining customers and OEM’s to ensure the technology is properly integrated and quantified results are achieved.

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