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Professional Grade Visual System

Evolution of Display Systems

Stereoscopic 3D
  • Produces the highest level of depth perception accuracy.
  • Increases visual immersion and develops spatial awareness, a requirement for operating large mining machines.
  • Reduces fatigue and eye strain through natural depth perception.
What our Customer’s are Saying:
  •   So realistic, it immediately grabs your focus and puts you in the operating zone.  
  •   The look and feel is very natural – feels like the real thing.  
  •   The depth perception makes it feel like I am actually on the bench loading trucks, I can easily sense the size and scale of the machines.  
  •   This level of realism will drive trainee engagement.  

Photo-realistic graphics

  • Photo realistic virtual environments.
  • Natural movement and visual transitions.
  • Dynamic time of day.

Curved screen

  • Optimal angular resolution resulting in better image realism.
  • Seamless views of blade tips or bucket teeth, without the graphical artifacts visible on flat, surface-based display systems.
  • Provides a technical advantage for optimizing performance of loaders, dozers, graders, shovels, excavators and draglines which are dependent on a clear downward view from the operator cabin.


  • Dynamically adjusts the perspective of the operator to match their viewing position.
  • Lean in any direction to look around visual obstructions and reveal hidden objects and hazards.
  • Increase spatial awareness and blind spot training effectiveness.
Surface RealView Diagram

*Delivers an unmatched level of visual realism enabled by PRO5 technology (curved visual display, professional grade simulation hardware and software, stereoscopic 3d and RealView)

PRO5 Graphic Demo Video

Reliable and Robust Platform

Professional Reliability and Durability

Built to last with extremely high mean time between failure, the PRO5 utilizes professional grade components to deliver a 10+ year asset life.

  • Ruggedized solid-state projector technology with up to 50,000 hour light source lifetime, rated for 24/7 operation.
  • Motion base utilizing high quality Bosch actuators rated for 24/7 operation.
  • Premium quality graphics computing hardware.
  • Uninterruptible power supply, so you never lose data in the event of site power loss.
PRO5 - 4K Trainer Station Screen

Ergonomically Designed Trainer Station

  • A single 43” screen doubles the viewing space of previous workstations. This design optimizes the view for multiple tasks in progress.
  • Provides continuous oversight of all operator actions for just-in-time coaching, including dynamic visuals of machine information (speed, RPMs, brake application, etc).
  • Integrates training and administrative information, improving trainer efficiency.
  • Allows remote observation of OEM and third-party in-cabin operating screens in both live training, and playback mode during debrief.
SimControl Software

Powered by SimControl

  • End User Configurable to site operating procedures
  • Extensive Event Framework with over 400 situational training events
  • Accelerated Learning Aids utilizing over 200 guidance / feedback mechanisms
  • Realistic Machine Modeling with highly accurate machine dynamics
  • Data and Report Storage to ensure training is always recorded and data driven
Motion platform enabling efficient exchange of modular Conversion Kits

Motion Platform

3DOF - The Right Amount of Motion for Mining Machinery – Trusted by 360+ Mines

A 3DOF motion platform can roll, heave and pitch. Our experience has shown that more complex 6DOF motion platforms yield no additional training value, while introducing significant safety hazards and considerably greater ongoing costs.

Learn more about our 3DOF Motion Platform

Utilize Multiple Conversion Kits on the One Simulator Platform
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Utilize Multiple Conversion Kits on the One Simulator Platform

Immersive Technologies’ interchangeable equipment modules (Conversion Kits®) fit onto our base simulator platforms, allowing a range of different equipment to be simulated. Immersive Technologies can deploy a suite of Conversion Kits for your Simulator upon commissioning, or you can add to your collection over time as your machine fleet and training needs change. Conversion Kit changeover takes about 15 minutes.

Immersive has the largest range of field proven Conversion Kits, which provide the ultimate in simulator training realism for mines, with the vast majority of all mining simulator deployments globally (surface and underground) being Immersive simulators. Our mining customers shape the standards and quality of our simulation offering and where we invest time and resources.

Compatible Machine Groups

Immersive Technologies Simulator Production Facility

Quality and Dependability

Manufactured under a rigorous quality system in our-state-of-the-art production facility, all Advanced Equipment Simulators are constructed with quality and dependability in mind in order to maximize return on your investment.

Complete and scalable training solution

Complete Solution Compatibility

Immersive Technologies' Advanced Equipment Simulators are supported by the industry's most comprehensive range of compatible tools, technologies and professional services. This ensures a solution to meet or exceed your needs can be defined, delivered, implemented and generating operational results quickly and with very low risk.

Complementary Products

Flexible Finance Options

Immersive Technologies aims to meet the many purchasing needs of our customers from simple capital expenditure (Technology based-solution) to operating expenditure packages (a complete solution involving People, Process and Technology - tailored to deliver specific business results). Contact us to discuss alternative solutions such as equipment leasing and rental.

Customer Support

Reliability & Technical Support

We provide unmatched support by:

  • Locating specialists in or close to major mining hubs
  • Offering a full range of technical support options both on and off site
  • Our trained specialists keep your program up and running 24/7/365
  • Scheduled Upgradability

Learn more about our support

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