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Green Operator Training

Ensure your Availability of Skilled Equipment Operators

  • Effective and efficient training
  • Scalable trainee throughput
  • High levels of staff readiness
  • Indigenous operator training
  • Practice for a range of possible emergency situations in a safe environment

“We believe with the simulator we can get the new operators to the 75‑90% mark after three months.”

Jim Hill, Project Development Manager - Anglo Coal

A well designed and standardized training program increases the ability of skilled operators, minimizes risk, machine abuse and increases the level of safety on your entire site.

Immersive Technologies offers mining operations a training solution that ensures high levels of staff readiness and operational improvement, while taking advantage of a range of technologies to ensure the most cost effective solution and scalable trainee throughput. This is done via blending eLearning, Instructor Led Training, Medium and High Fidelity Simulators, with customized content and curriculum to meet the needs of specific operations.

This mix of teaching methods has been proven to be the most effective way of engaging trainees and increasing learning retention.

eLearning is an interactive, self-directed computer application designed to present information and confirm employee comprehension and ability. It is the repository for key knowledge, both broad and specific. It can be viewed by everyone and helps create a base for learning so that everyone is on the same page.

Instructor Led Training creates an effective and consistent learning environment which allows for students to increase knowledge and skillset via questioning and discussion.

Simulation based training ensures green operators are skilled in machine operation before entering site operations, reducing the risk of machine damage and injury through lack of knowledge. It allows you to train operators on a multitude of scenarios and earthmoving techniques without hindering your production. Trainers can assess operators repeatedly on a range of operating techniques and emergency situations that are cost prohibitive to replicate on the actual machinery. For example; Engine fires, break failure and loss of steering control.

Simulation training has been proven to dramatically reduce risk, cost, unscheduled maintenance, increase trainer effectiveness and efficiency while maximizing productivity. Simulators provide operators a safe environment to learn and practice their skills. Because operators are consistently shown and assessed on the proper operator techniques they have a better understanding and knowledge of the real machine.

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