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Virtual mining training environments

Control - Customize - Familiarize

Immersive Technologies has been creating replicas of actual working sites for over 19 years. Custom Mine Sites allowing detailed focus to be placed on training requirements specific to your site, ensuring operators are confident and highly productive when they enter site operations.

We have developed Custom Mine Sites for hundreds of mines across all commodities and OEM makes, since our first Custom Mine Site in 2002.

Your Site - Your Rules

We understand that a generic one-size-fits-all virtual training environment cannot provide everything for everybody. Custom Mine Sites are tailored to your actual operational procedures and mine environmental conditions and can be updated in the future if conditions and mine rules change.

Targeted Training

Your Custom Mine Site environment can be altered to suit your training needs. Our technical team can alter your pit data to suit your requirements by moving loading and dumping areas, creating new roads and even develop an environment that uses your long-term planning data.

Custom Mine Site features include:

  • Land marks for site orientation and familiarization
  • Specific mine site road rules
  • Multiple loading and dumping locations with customizable traffic approaches
  • Interactive spotting aids
  • Editable environmental conditions
  • A site visit by an Immersive representative to plan with and collect data
  • Custom events and error reporting such as:
    • Tailgating distance
    • Fauna on the road
    • Pedestrian interaction
    • Undulations in the road
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