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Global Deployment

Immersive Technologies has deployed our training solutions in 45 countries around the world. Our customers include resource companies, contractors, OEM’s and their dealers, and training schools.

With such a large population of customers, Immersive Technologies is uniquely positioned to promise, and deliver, high-level support to customers now and in the future.

High levels of industry acceptance, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) endorsement and entrenched use of Immersive Technologies’ solutions mean there is substantial volume of reference data available for global benchmarking and performance review.

A large and active customer base assists Immersive Technologies’ ongoing investment in product improvements and service support, ensuring our solutions constantly ‘raise the bar’ on the level of value delivered to our customers.

Immersive Technologies' Simulator Deployment
Immersive Technologies simulator deployment - August 2019

Videos from our Customers

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  32. inilah rasanya (jadi operator) di dalam cabin simulator alat berat OHT CAT 777
  33. Running Right Leadership Academy Overview Video

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