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Why Choose Immersive Technologies?

Immersive Technologies is the proven and tested leader in delivering operational performance from your most valuable asset, “Your People.” We deliver quantified operational improvements through world leading and proven equipment simulators, learning systems and consulting and analytics. Our complete solution delivers measurable value and is scalable to suit your demands now and in the future.

Our access to an extensive global operator performance database and cloud technology will ensure our customers are always at the forefront of development.

Partnering with our Customers for Success

With over two decades experience Immersive Technologies has created a specialized knowledge that will ensure you receive the outcomes expected from your investment. We have the understanding to show you how to be successful and the operational capabilities to back it up. We have the people, systems and knowledge to deliver on our promise.

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Largest Mining User Base Globally

With our solutions deployed to hundreds of companies around the world, Immersive Technologies has been established as the leader in Equipment Simulators, learning systems and Consulting & Managed Services. Key events and value adding programs, including our User Group conferences and TrainerAdvantage certification programs are only possible due to this large user base.

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Comprehensive Global Support Network

Immersive Technologies’ solutions are in use 24 hours a day in many remote locations.We recognize that our simulators and services become “mission-critical’ to operations and have deployed support teams at key locations close to our customers throughout the world.

Immersive Technologies' unique network of support professionals are on hand to ensure your training delivers results.

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Global simulator and office locations

Proven Experts in Adult Learning

Our proven expertise in Adult Learning provides Immersive Technologies with a unique capability to customize a learning system to overcome your specific challenges. Using an integrated curriculum that tackles each of the learning domains including Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor, personnel not only learn the knowledge and skills they need, they also understand why and how to excel at their roles. Our experience in working with major resource companies has demonstrated that the result is a safer workplace, higher job satisfaction for employees and a significant return on investment.

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Breakthrough Operational Performance

Immersive Technologies’ Consulting & Managed Services Business Unit work closely with our customers to achieve breakthrough operational performance via the combination of consultants and advanced proprietary technology.

Our solutions facilitate data capture from existing systems such as fleet management systems, and maintenance systems, along with data captured during the learning and assessment process to enable powerful analytics. These analytics provide rich insights into an entire workforce down to individual personnel, and the level of impact of specific behaviors on an operation. This insight highlights opportunities for breakthrough performance improvements and the actions required to achieve them.

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Supporting All Makes, All Models

All Makes and All Models
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Immersive has the largest range of field proven Conversion Kits®, which provide the ultimate in simulator training realism for mines, with the vast majority of all mining simulator deployments globally (surface and underground) being Immersive simulators. Our mining customers shape the standards and quality of our simulation offering and where we invest time and resources. We believe the purchasing decisions of our customers is the best measure of our product accuracy and quality and the effectiveness of our in-field service and support capabilities.

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World Leading R&D and Emerging Technologies

Immersive Technologies is actively developing new solutions that enhance our customers’ performance. These smart “next generation” technologies and tools are aimed at making our Customer’s people substantially more productive and better informed, resulting in increased safety and efficiency. While training may be an important part of these solutions, it is not the primary function.

Immersive Technologies is continually seeking new partners where we share a common vision and can collaborate to make resource companies measurably safer and more profitable.

Please contact us if you have a project you would like to discuss.

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