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What is SimMentor?

SimMentor is a valuable training tool that provides three key training features: Briefing, Debriefing and Live Session Display available via a large touch screen monitor situated outside the simulator.

How SimMentor Works

SimMentor networks with Advanced Equipment Simulators to provide a streamlined training method for trainers to conduct briefing and debriefing sessions contributing to a consistent and structured training pathway. It also displays live simulation session which provides for a classroom environment ideal for training multiple operators.

SimMentor Benefits

Increase Training Throughput
Increased training throughput is achieved as learners are prepared for the Advanced Equipment Simulator training sessions in advance and post session feedback is provided independent of the simulator, freeing up simulator time.

Increase Operator Learning Retention
Operator learning retention is increased by providing briefing prior to simulation training and debriefing afterwards. Briefing recalls previous learning relevant to the session. Debriefing enables trainers to provide post-session feedback including playing back the session in 3D which further reinforces operator learning. This holistic learning approach increases operator learning retention as it aligns with Adult Learning Principles.

Improve Training Consistency
SimMentor provides a streamlined pathway for providing Advanced Equipment Simulator training so operators get trained in a consistent manner. This structured approach not only increases training consistency but also training data reliability allowing fair comparison of results.

Remote Classroom Training
Remote display of 3D simulation view through a large screen monitor provides a classroom environment ideal for training multiple operators. This provides an open environment for group sharing and learning.

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