Supporting All Makes, All Models

Supporting All Makes, All Models
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Industry-leading workforce development solutions for all makes and models or mixed fleets.

Immersive has the largest range of field proven Conversion Kits®, which provide the ultimate in simulator training realism for mines, with the vast majority of all mining simulator deployments globally (surface and underground) being Immersive simulators. Our mining customers shape the standards and quality of our simulation offering and guide us where to invest time and resources. We believe the purchasing decisions of our customers is the best measure of our product accuracy and quality and the effectiveness of our in-field service and support capabilities.

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We have developed solutions for the largest range of

Why Immersive Technologies?

Immersive Technologies is the proven and tested leader in delivering operational performance from your most valuable asset, “Your People.” We deliver quantified operational improvements through world leading and proven equipment simulators, learning systems and consulting and analytics. Our complete solution delivers measurable value and is scalable to suit your demands now and in the future.

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