LX6 - Medium Fidelity Simulator

LX6 Medium fidelity simulator with Excavator Conversion Kit
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The LX6 is a medium fidelity simulator platform perfect for machine and site familiarization, emergency response and compliance training.

This platform offers six full HD screens for a large field of view, a smaller footprint compared to high fidelity simulators and ample wide horizontal view for truck, shovel and excavator training programs. The large wide vertical view offers clear visibility when digging, dozing or grading.

The LX6 is compatible with all surface mining machines simulated by Immersive Technologies and shares the underlying technology of the industry leading IM360‑B.

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six full HD screens

Large Field of View

This platform offers six full HD screens for a large field of view and a smaller footprint compared to high fidelity simulators. It has a large vertical field of view offering clear visibility when digging, dozing or grading. The wide horizontal field of view allows truck trainees to safely transition and navigate through intersections.

Built-in Trainer Station

Offering a small footprint trainer station which is ideal for debriefing trainees post-session.

cost-effective platform

High Throughput Training

The LX6 is a cost-effective platform designed for early stage training, including control familiarization, site familiarization, machine start-up procedures and emergency response training, preparing trainees to transfer their knowledge and put it to effective use when entering the high-fidelity simulator environment.

The small footprint of this simulator makes it ideal for classroom-based multiple simulator installations and allows for comfortable group/trainer interaction.

LX6 Conversion Kit Compatibility

Conversion Kit® Compatibility

Compatible with the same range of Conversion Kits as the PRO5, the LX6 enables additional utilization of Kits as part of a blended learning solution.

SimControl Software

SimControl Software

SimControl is the software at the heart of our Advanced Equipment Simulators. It delivers highly accurate simulation along with advanced training, administrative and configuration functionality. This is achieved while being quick and easy to deliver results. SimControl is the product of over 1220+ Years of investment by Immersive Technologies.

Updated versions of SimControl software are released twice per year allowing users with a Customer Support Package to take advantage of the latest technologies and product advancements.

SimMetrics™ is not available on the LX range of Simulators.

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Compatible Machine Groups

Utilize Multiple Conversion Kits on the One Simulator Platform
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Utilize Multiple Conversion Kits on the One Simulator Platform

Immersive Technologies’ interchangeable equipment modules (Conversion Kits®) fit onto our base simulator platforms, allowing a range of different equipment to be simulated. Immersive Technologies can deploy a suite of Conversion Kits for your Simulator upon commissioning, or you can add to your collection over time as your machine fleet and training needs change. Conversion Kit changeover takes about 15 minutes.

Immersive has the largest range of field proven Conversion Kits, which provide the ultimate in simulator training realism for mines, with the vast majority of all mining simulator deployments globally (surface and underground) being Immersive simulators. Our mining customers shape the standards and quality of our simulation offering and where we invest time and resources.

Complete and scalable training solution

Complete Solution Compatibility

Immersive Technologies' Advanced Equipment Simulators are supported by the industry's most comprehensive range of compatible tools, technologies and professional services. This ensures a solution to meet or exceed your needs can be defined, delivered, implemented and generating operational results quickly and with very low risk.

Complementary Products

Flexible Finance Options

Immersive Technologies aims to meet the many purchasing needs of our customers from simple capital expenditure (Technology based-solution) to operating expenditure packages (a complete solution involving People, Process and Technology - tailored to deliver specific business results). Contact us to discuss alternative solutions such as equipment leasing and rental.

Customer Support

Reliability & Technical Support

We provide unmatched support by:

  • Locating specialists in or close to major mining hubs
  • Offering a full range of technical support options both on and off site
  • Our trained specialists keep your program up and running 24/7/365
  • Scheduled Upgradeability

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