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LX6 - Medium Fidelity Simulator

LX6 Medium fidelity simulator with Excavator Conversion Kit
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The LX6 is a brand new medium fidelity simulator platform perfect for machine and site familiarization, emergency response and compliance training.

This platform offers six full HD screens for a large field of view, a smaller footprint compared to high fidelity simulators and ample wide horizontal view for truck, shovel and excavator training programs. The large wide vertical view offers clear visibility when digging, dozing or grading.

The LX6 is compatible with all surface mining machines simulated by Immersive Technologies and shares the underlying technology of the industry leading PRO4 and IM360.

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Supported Machine Groups

SimControl Software

SimControl provides access to the heart of your Advanced Equipment Simulator, delivering a comprehensive management system that is quick and easy to operate, providing the ability to administer trainees, manage multiple machine types and models, review training sessions, configure learning scenarios and build complete training curriculum.

SimControl utilizes a streamlined graphical interface for your everyday management tasks, while providing the ability to highly customize the simulated environment to meet your specific training demands and unique site conditions.

Updated versions of SimControl software are released twice per year allowing users with a Customer Support Package to take advantage of the latest technologies and product advancements.

SimMetrics™ - Advanced Simulator Reporting

Uncover the true value of your training using SimMetrics. This advanced measurement and reporting tool allows you to quickly examine, analyze and export the results of your simulation based training. SimMetrics utilizes a sophisticated new reporting engine, delivering instant access to your latest training data through a simple to use interface.

SimMetrics Overview

  • Measure the positive impact your training is having on productivity and profit.
  • Benchmark and measure group and individual operator performance over time.
  • Effortlessly build detailed custom report templates using drag and drop functionality.
  • Quickly identify performance gaps and skill areas requiring further training attention.
  • Access graphic reports in real time using your most current training data.
  • Export reports and data in a range of standard office formats.