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What is the Trainer Productivity Station?

Trainer Productivity Station is a centralized workstation that can connect up to five Advanced Equipment Simulators. This allows a single trainer to manage up to five simulation training sessions simultaneously.

Utilizing two-way audio communication and a rich data feed including video, 3D graphics, machine parameters and operator performance data, a trainer can interact with multiple trainees as if the trainer is standing immediately beside the trainee. This is complimented by an intuitive user interface providing the trainer with control over the training scenarios and access to extensive reporting, administrative and analysis functionality.

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Trainer Productivity Station Benefits

  • Increase Training Throughput Without Additional Trainers
    A key bottleneck for any simulator based training program is the availability of experienced trainers. Removing this bottleneck increases the utilization of and value extracted from your Advanced Equipment Simulator assets.
  • Increase Training Effectiveness
    By freeing up trainer time, more focus can be allocated to value adding activities such as mentoring, coaching and Instructor Led Training, as part of comprehensive training and business improvement program.
  • Simplify Administration, Reporting and Analysis
    Centralize common tasks such as trainee administration, reporting, data analysis and scenario editing for all of your Advanced Equipment Simulators at one workstation using an intuitive interface.

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