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Rapidly and effectively prepare personnel to work with remote operation technologies competently and safely.

Immersive Technologies' Remote Operation on IM360 Simulator Platform

The development of remotely operated mining equipment and systems has created many new opportunities for mining companies. However, operating equipment remotely requires a different set of skills than operating from inside the vehicle cab. This change in operational requirements often results in increased machine damage and a reduction in productivity when remote operation is introduced. Training solutions from Immersive Technologies give remote equipment operators the skills and understanding to transition from traditional operation to remote operation quickly; minimizing impact to production and ensuring that machines remain in operation for longer periods.

Immersive Technologies’ simulators enable a range of specific Remote Operation operator errors and events allowing you to obtain maximum operator efficiency while monitoring and training for equipment damage and potentially life-threatening emergency scenarios.

Female trainees using Command for Underground

Our remote operation training solution can provide a blend of computer based training, classroom and simulator training to deliver a high level of training effectiveness and consistent learning outcomes.

Increased Safety

  • No risk to personnel, property or equipment, as the Simulator Training Solution provides a safe learning environment for learners to practice and perfect their skills, away from potentially hazardous environments.
  • All key aspects of operating the machine remotely or via line-of sight method by using a remote-control console can be rehearsed and assessed prior to any interaction with the real machine and environment. This ensures there’s an increased level of safety on site.

Increased Productivity and Profitability

  • Simulator training significantly reduces the amount of in-field training time, minimizing impact to production and ensuring that machines remain fully productive in operation for longer

Increase Training Effectiveness and Consistency

  • Simulator training provides the ultimate in learning by doing which increases learning retention and delivers high levels of competency transferred directly to the field.
  • Consistently train, assess, and optimize the skills of equipment operators without interfering with production.


Real Results in Autonomous Underground Mining Training

Let us show you how our solutions can drive results at your site.

Increasing Opportunities for the Female Workforce at PT Freeport Indonesia

Female operators are the focus of a new initiative at PT Freeport Indonesia (part of FMI in Grasberg) where IM360 simulators from Immersive Technologies are used to train operators to remotely operate Caterpillar’s Semi-Autonomous Underground Load Haul Dumps (LHDs) using Cat® Command for Underground.

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