Operator Performance Analytics

Unlock the potential of your people to achieve significant improvements in safety, productivity and reliability.

Immersive Technologies’ Operator Performance Analytics is a business improvement service providing site stakeholders with accurate and timely intelligence on operator performance variability and training needs analysis. The service is structured to deliver immediate analysis across multiple data systems and critical information is presented within a dashboard tailored to stakeholder needs. This information can be actioned immediately by training and operations management.

Operator Performance Analytics connects the workforce development plan, disparate mine fleet data and training data into a comprehensive system for;

  • Improving safety
  • Providing insights into operational risk
  • Minimizing productivity loss
  • Minimizing machine health and abuse trends
  • Optimization of resource allocation for training and development

With a dedicated analytics center, a global workforce of training advisors and a proven best practice training methodology, Operator Performance Analytics provides your people with powerful insights to become more effective and efficient.

Global Operator Benchmarking

Benchmark your operators against global norms.

  • Compare Site & Operator Performance Data Against Global Norms
  • Highlight Opportunities for Operational Improvement

We provide data driven insights from our proprietary Global Operator Benchmarking System to demonstrate the best way to develop talent in your commodity, region and fleet. Our research across 150,000 operator training instances can give you an edge in developing talent in the most effective and efficient way possible.

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Global operator benchmarking graph

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