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Continuous Improvement Projects

Immersive Technologies delivers the Complete and Scalable Solution

Through close communications and a collaborative effort with mine site management, Immersive Technologies helps define mine business improvement objectives through a data driven approach including the customers mine and equipment monitoring data.

A targeted training program is developed to reduce a mine site’s current cost and operational risks, leaving the mine site with a template and expertise for future Continuous Improvement Projects.

Real results - documented and vertified by external parties

Business Improvement Through Continuous Improvement Projects

  • Assessment of site and simulator data allows identification of project scope & objectives, operational risks & improvement targets.
  • Specific & strategic programs are developed to address safety, cost and production opportunities.
  • Improves team communication to accomplish aggressive operational objectives and milestones.
  • Reduces the mine’s risk profile, improves efficiencies & increases operator’s competencies at a much quicker rate.
  • Develops reporting protocols to provide visibility and share improvements being made across the entire organization.
  • Provides accurate performance measurement & risk monitoring methodologies enabling accelerated ROI of equipment and services purchased.

Continuous Improvement Project Outcomes

Continuous Improvement Projects utilize mine site data to determine targeted objectives. Measurable outcomes will be presented via both in-field as well as simulation data.

  • The data evaluation method presented in CIP can be used to identify additional business & operational improvement opportunities.
  • Provides immediate recognition of return on investment through effective implementation of measurement & workforce development techniques.
Improvement graphs - abusive shifting, brake temps, over speeds, spot times

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