WorksiteVR Quest

Can your operators immediately recall the correct response to an emergency event? Are your newest operators able to confidently recognize hazards on your site?

WorksiteVRâ„¢ Quest is a 3D computer generated environment where the users can virtually experience, engage and understand surface and underground environments, safety hazards and emergency situations. Users are immersed within the worksite and able to manipulate objects or perform a series of actions.

From pre-employment screening to supervisor training, WorksiteVRâ„¢ Quest is a cost-effective tool to reduce hiring costs, improve safety awareness, increase identification of safety and productivity risks and build confidence when facing emergency events.

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Product Applications

Pre-employment Screening

Save on hiring time and costs by immersing potential candidates in a mining environment without setting foot on site.

Hazard Awareness

Develop better awareness of hazards and risks in the work place and allow staff to understand potential outcomes of poor safety habits.

Supervisor Training

Improve new supervisor training by giving an alternate way to identify safety and productivity risks in various conditions.

Mine Introduction

Reduce induction time by increasing the number of trainees able to complete orientation.

Evacuation Training

Expose staff to emergency situations and build confident reactions to unforeseen events.

WorksiteVR Quest is the winner of the CME Innovation Awards 2016 and already showing quantifiable results for mine inductions and safety training. During one recent study, results demonstrated included:

  • a significant improvement in the transfer of knowledge;
  • a significant improvement in the retention, recall and application of induction material;
  • an increase in the percentage of people who felt they could initiate an emergency response (vs. traditional induction training); and
  • an increase in overall satisfaction and engagement with induction.

VRT [WorksiteVR Quest] has already contributed to some significant positive changes in learning experiences and outcomes

Virtual Reality Technology Study, 2017

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