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WorksiteVR™ Quest

As the market leader in next generation training technologies, Immersive Technologies is leading the way in virtual reality development with their new product, WorksiteVR™ Quest which allows users to virtually experience, engage and understand surface and underground environments, safety hazards and emergency situations.

WorksiteVR™ Quest is a 3D computer generated environment where the user can explore, interact and be part of a virtual worksite. Users are immersed within the worksite and able to manipulate objects or perform a series of actions.

From pre-employment screening to supervisor training, WorksiteVR™ Quest is a cost effective tool to reduce hiring costs, improve safety awareness, increase identification of safety and productivity risks and build confidence when facing emergency events.


  • High learner retention and recall levels – Learning environment is highly focused, highly memorable and free from distractions.
  • Accelerated Learning – Learning experiences are condensed into short, ultra-high impact packages.
  • Safe – No risk to personnel or property, educate learners in relation to hazards and their potential consequences.
  • Easily portable – Transported in a small suitcase sized package.

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Pre-employment Screening

Save on hiring time and costs by immersing potential candidates in a mining environment without setting foot on site.

Underground Mine Introduction

Reduce induction time by increasing the number of trainees able to complete orientation.

Hazard Awareness

Develop better awareness of hazards and risks in the work place and allow staff to understand potential outcomes of poor safety habits.

Supervisor Training

Improve new supervisor training by giving an alternate way to identify safety and productivity risks in various conditions.

Evacuation Training

Expose staff to emergency situations and build confident reactions to unforeseen events.

WorksiteVR™ Quest

Equipment Simulators

PRO3-B Simulator
Built specifically for surface mining.

IM360 High Fidelity Simulator
Built specifically for underground.

Complimentary Products

An interactive, self-directed computer application designed to present information and confirm employee comprehension and ability.

Instructor Led Training
Highly customized classroom based training to address site specific objectives.

Consulting & Managed Services

Continuous Improvement Projects
Utilize mine site data to determine targeted objectives and deliver measurable outcomes.

Training Systems Integration
The mining industry’s most trusted technology integration and mine operator training framework.

Workforce Development Feasibility Studies
Make the right decision on how to most effectively develop your workforce.

On-Site Training Solutions
We provide a managed solution including trainers, consultants and supervision at the level you require.