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The mining industry continues to demand safer, more productive and less costly equipment operators to achieve sustainable mining operations. One time improvement initiatives have already hit the financial bottom line and their impact is lessening. Now operations are looking for sustainable long-term, solutions that integrate operational data, analytical tools and decision making leveraged to improve financial outcomes on an ongoing basis.

Aligning a workforce development strategy with operational data and analytical tools to improve the speed and effectiveness of training & risk management initiatives will produce large financial gains. Immersive Technologies has verified and documented case studies in our Quantified Operational Improvement Catalogue, to highlight the financial gains achieved by miners. This Catalogue is available upon request.

A highly effective Workforce Optimization Strategy is achieved by aligning your People, Process and Technology.

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People + Process + Technology = Real Results Real Results Table

Immersive Technologies works closely with our customers to achieve breakthrough operational performance via the combination of consultants and advanced proprietary technology.

Our solutions facilitate data capture from existing systems such as fleet management and maintenance systems, along with data captured during the learning and assessment process to enable powerful analytics. These analytics provide rich insights into an entire workforce down to individual personnel, and the level of impact of specific behaviors on an operation. This insight highlights opportunities for breakthrough performance improvements and the actions required to achieve them.

Consulting Services delivered to our global resource Customers include:

Our Workforce Optimization Solutions have been developed and refined with expertise gained from:

  • Active engagement with over 236 mine management teams
  • Active engagement with over 1,500 mining equipment trainers
  • Benchmarking and analysis of over 150,000 operator training & assessment sessions
  • 4 Major OEM relationships spanning 10+ years allowing us to identify root cause operator behaviors that result in lost productivity and damage

When choosing a total workforce development solution it is important to base the investment on the supplier’s proven track record of delivering measurable results and a quantifiable return on investment.

Immersive Technologies is the only simulation based solution provider to actively publish real operational improvement results achieved globally which are independently verified.

A highly effective Workforce Optimization Strategy aligns your People, Process and Technology and Immersive Technologies has proven they can improve the speed and effectiveness of training & risk management initiatives to produce the largest financial gains.

Trainer inspecting simulator session graph

Continuous Improvement Projects

Improve simulator utilization and performance, delivering operational efficiencies and cost savings. CIPs provide quantified simulator and in-pit data evidence of improvement and develop organizational culture and team work that supports focused and long-term simulator management.

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Operator risk profile graph for Australian region

Training Systems Integration

Training Systems Integration (TSI) is the mining industry’s most trusted technology integration and mine operator training framework in Mining. In over 200 projects customers have benefited from business improvement outcomes including monitoring, assessing, reporting and overall improved operator competency resulting in results that are quantifiable and meaningful.

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Global Operator Benchmarking graph showing operator percentiles

Global Operator Benchmarking

We provide data driven insights from our proprietary Global Operator Benchmarking System to demonstrate the best way to develop talent in your commodity, region and fleet.

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Feasibility study  documentation

Workforce Development Feasibility Studies

Are you responsible for ramping up greenfield operations, improving outcomes at an existing site or even developing an entire workforce strategy for a mining region? Do you have questions around the best training solution for your current situation? Our feasibility studies will provide you with the data and confidence to make the right decision on how to most effectively develop your workforce.

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Managed services staff member on site

On Site Trainers

We provide a managed solution including trainers, consultants and supervision at the level you require.

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