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Consistently measure operator competency and maximize operator throughput with Immersive Technologies' eLearning solution.

Our eLearning solutions leverage proven instructional strategies and highly interactive graphical content, ensuring high levels of learner engagement and motivation, while maximizing knowledge retention.

Utilizing our knowledge base of best practices through our ever-expanding global footprint, we collaborate with you to build the most effective and accurate training content, tailored to support your specific site requirements and training needs.

This design strategy sees sites achieve greater operator comprehension and workforce alignment, increasing profitability through a safer, more efficient operation.

eLearning provides an efficient and cost effective approach to operator training for the mining industry.

eLearning Benefits

  • Designed with proven instructional techniques for maximum engagement and knowledge retention.
  • Customizable to support specific site objectives.
  • Cost effective by reducing training time and increasing throughput.
  • Delivered on desktop and mobile platforms anywhere and at anytime, freeing up trainers to focus on adding further value through mentoring, coaching and simulator training.
  • Can be integrated into a blended learning model, training employees before they move onto a simulator or live equipment, maximizing the use of these valuable resources.

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