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Efficient and Productive Remote Mining Operations

Remote Operation Training Technologies

  • Minimize the impact of new technology
  • Increase equipment availability
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Increase mine efficiency and productivity

The development of remotely operated mining equipment and systems has created many new opportunities for mining companies. However, operating equipment remotely requires a different set of skills than operating from inside the vehicle cab. This change in operational requirements often results in increased machine damage and a reduction in productivity when remote operation is introduced. Training solutions from Immersive Technologies give remote equipment operators the skills and understanding to transition from traditional operation to remote operation quickly; minimising impact to production and ensuring that machines remain in operation for longer periods. Our remote operation training solution can provide a blend of computer based training, classroom and simulator training to deliver a high level of training effectiveness and consistent learning outcomes.

Command for Underground

Command for Underground Simulator

Line of sight remote for Underground Loaders and Dozers

Immersive Technologies' Remote Operation on IM360 Simulator Platform
Immersive Technologies' Remote Operation on IM360 Simulator Platform

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