How Safe Are Your Dozer Stockpiling Operations?

Hazardous Coal Stockpile Operations Made Safer

  • Create enhanced operator awareness of surroundings
  • Minimize risk of falling into a void
  • Assess competency of dozer operators to comply with and follow safe operating procedures

“The dozer stockpile program will easily quantify itself in monetary returns as it is able to advance operators into a high proficiency level through a method that does not interfere with production.”

Darren Culley, Bluestone Global Executive Group Manager HSE

In recent years the demand for dozer operators working on coal stockpiles has grown dramatically, increasing the need for specialized training in what is considered one of the most hazardous environments for dozer operators. Committed to making mine sites safer, Immersive Technologies has developed technology to specifically address operator safety in coal stockpiling. This technology is part of Immersive Technologies’ leading range of Advanced Equipment Simulators.

Included in this simulation training based technology is the ability to assess learning decay, bad habits and behaviors that lead to unsafe operations at coal stockpiling sites such as operating too close to objects around stockpiles, incorrect methods of approaching and working around coal valves/feeders and operating on unstable ground. Training tasks also include cleaning the hanging wall, pushing out a stockpile bench, reclaiming a stockpile bench and emergency preparedness training. This technology trains and accurately accesses operator responses to emergency situations such as engine/hydraulic fires, which is essential as incorrect responses put personal safety and the assets of the business at high risk.

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