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Training Systems Integration

Immersive Technologies delivers the Complete and Scalable Solution

Training Systems Integration (TSI) is the mining industry’s most trusted technology integration and mine operator training framework in Mining. In over 200 projects customers have benefited from business improvement outcomes including monitoring, assessing, reporting and overall improved operator competency resulting in results that are quantifiable and meaningful.

The curriculum you will receive is structured to cover 4 key modules of competency, Basic Machine Operation, Machine Health and Abuse, Safety and Production Optimization.

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Training Integration Support

Training Systems Integration (TSI) program is fundamental to the successful implementation of technology to the mining operation for the development of site specific, customized training syllabus, curriculum and lesson plans. The service facilitates the development and implementation of simulator training programs and lesson plans which integrate with and achieve site training objectives and embed a sustainable training evaluation process for each specific machine type.

TSI Outcomes include:

  • Integrates Advanced Equipment Simulators into existing site training programs.
  • Develops customized training scenarios and lesson plans which achieve site training objectives.
  • Delivers best practice Advanced Equipment Simulator utilization plans through a formalized process.
  • Provides comprehensive support during initial new technology implementation phase.
  • Fast tracks capital Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Delivers consistent training outcomes.

TSI is specific to each vehicle type: truck, dozer, excavator, shovel, loader and underground equipment.

TSI and Blended Learning

Immersive Technologies strategically combines training modules in eLearning, Instructor Led Training and Simulation to create a Blended Learning Model that greatly reduces the time it takes to train (new and experienced) machine operators. The Blended Learning Model is also structured to increase operators learning retention, and deliver a higher level of Operator competency to mining operations. Using this structured best practice approach our customer almost always see continuous improvements in operator safety awareness, equipment productivity and maintenance scheduling. In return the company will see assets reach their expected service life and improve profitability.

TSI Process

Training Systems Integration Process

Risk Profiles

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