Training Systems Integration Blended Learning (TSI-BL)

Fast track return on investment and minimize implementation risk

Training Systems Integration provides mines with immediate access to a blended learning curriculum and institutes processes which enable the training and continuous improvement function to deliver quantifiable value.

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TSI-BL Graph

TSI-BL Graph

TSI-BL Process

Covering 4 critical skills development areas the curriculum is flexible for training new hires, upskilling experienced operators or refreshing an entire workforce. Flexibility does not come at the cost of consistency as training process flows and reporting are standardized for each operator type.

TSI-BL Process

TSI-BL Core Learning Modules

TSI-BL Machine Controls and Familiarization
TSI-BL Safe Machine Operation, Hazards and Emergencies
TSI-BL Machine Parameters and Maintenance Awareness
TSI-BL Production Optimization

Partnering for Success

Taking a collaborative approach to program development ensures that multiple stakeholders benefit from improved outcomes. Most commonly a steering committee formed from production, maintenance, safety and training help set objectives and targets. Our Professional Services team follows an agreed communication plan to ensure these stakeholders are informed throughout the entire integration process.

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