Zero Harm: Keep Your Operators Out of Harm’s Way

Training for the Safest Operations

  • Practice for a range of possible emergency situations in a safe environment
  • Increase confidence in reacting to emergencies
  • Significantly reduce your risk of LTIs and fatalities
  • Compliance Refresher Training

I would say we’ve had a 20% improvement in truck operating efficiency and we have certainly seen a reduction in metal-to-metal accidents as well.

George Ray, General Superintendent of Training, Freeport McMoRan - Grasberg

Simulators provide equipment operators a safe environment to learn and practice their skills. Immersive Technologies’ simulators allow the operator to have a better understanding of possible hazards and safely practice responding to a range of possible emergency situations. Many of these situations are too dangerous, too difficult or too expensive to replicate in an actual mine.

The ability to train operators to react correctly during potentially life threatening situations is invaluable in mining. Many dangerous situations rarely take place, so training operators to understand proper protocol in a safe environment is essential for mining operations to be assured their operators are better prepared and can react appropriately with confidence.

Features like RealMove™, allow for an operator to naturally walk around a 3D virtual environment providing realistic training for hazards avoidance, mine evacuation, proximity detection and more.

Operators can be trained on how to respond to machinery emergencies such as engine fires and brake failure as well as the correct responses to emergencies occurring elsewhere on the mine site.

Real Results in Safety

Let us show you how our solutions can drive results at your site.

Cloud Peak Energy, USA

An 'Operate For Reliability' initiative aimed to reduce the number of operator-induced incidences while increasing haul truck payloads.

Cloud Peak simulator training included emergency response situations such as fire events, brake failure and steering failure. During an actual truck fire incident an employee correctly handled the event.

Barminco, Australia

“Over 50 green employees ... completed the training scenarios in the simulator and it’s already paying dividends.”
- Barminco Insight Magazine

An Underground Truck Fire resulted in zero injury and avoidance of machine loss estimated at $5 million.

Caballo Mine, USA

Caballo management needed to improve fire emergency response rates for haul truck operators with quantifiable results.

Site managed to achieve a 65% improvement in emergency fire response pass rates.

Iron Ore Producer, Australia

Site needed to prepare operators for wet weather conditions, including the correct response to an 'uncontrolled movement' event from a rear wheel lock up.

Safety investigation of 11 uncontrolled movement incidents revealed that all operators responded correctly.

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