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Behind every great modern device there is intuitive and dependable software. Immersive Technologies’ simulators are no exception.

Powered by our industry leading software, SimControl, our Simulators incorporate advanced features proven to significantly change operator behavior in the field.


SimControl includes 
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 configuration options.

SimControl allows all configuration options to be saved ensuring repeatable training and assessment across all equipment operators.

End User Configurable

Every mine is different. Every training program is unique. It is important that simulation software can be configured to match:

  • standard operating procedures;
  • machine parameters and performance;
  • flexible event locations and timing;
  • specific load and haul equipment across multiple OEM machine groups; and
  • minesite conditions and material properties.

SimControl comes with a wealth of functionality to make your training program a success. This includes:

  • trainer and trainee language support;
  • user management tools;
  • curriculum management;
  • automatic assessments; and
  • easy-to-use diagnostic and calibration tools.

Powerful Event Framework

In real life it is often impossible to train correct operator behavior for safety incidents, such as machine fires or mechanical faults without endangering personnel or damaging equipment. SimControl includes:

  • Over 
    9 5 8
     events ranging from major safety incidents to minor mechanical faults.
  • The ability to configure exactly where and when events should occur during training and assessment for repeatability.
  • The ability to trigger events on-the-fly with a simple click-and-select user interface during training so an operator can practice.
  • The flexibility to customize events on site to match standard operating procedures or unique training objectives without requiring a software update.


Accelerated Learning Aids

Simulation provides unique training feedback to an operator – not possible in a real machine. SimControl makes the most of this by offering a wide variety of on-screen assistants and guides which refine the performance of each operator as quickly and effectively as possible.

SimControl includes 
2 5 8
 accelerated learning aids covering navigation, efficiency, accuracy, safety, task guidance and machine wear and tear.

SimControl also provides the trainer with a set of session monitoring tools to review the operator live during training. These allow the trainer to provide immediate feedback and adjust operator performance during training.

Realistic VirtualGround and Vehicle Modeling

To significantly change operator behavior in the field a simulation must be accurate when modeling vehicles and their interaction with dynamic terrain (digging material). Not only does the simulation need to look real, it needs to feel real. For example, when an operator digs poorly, they need to feel a machine stalling and achieve a poor bucket fill rate.

Immersive Technologies combines OEM specifications, empirical machine observations and our in-house CUDA* accelerated physics engine to ensure the most realistic simulations on the market.

Immersive Technologies is unique in that we have refined our dynamic terrain sufficiently to conduct continuous improvement (CI) activities. These CI projects have delivered in field operational improvements including increased dig rates and increased bucket fill factors.

Every mine and dig location is different in terms of the material being dug. SimControl allows the digging material to be configured to match unique mine conditions, allowing operators to recognize the conditions and dig appropriately to maximize production and minimize machine damage.


Data and Reports

To track and change operator behavior it is important to measure and assess their performance. SimControl records immense amounts of data and provides the mechanism for meaningful conclusions to be drawn from the data collected.

The SimControl learning engine includes the automated detection and detailed logging of over 
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 operator errors. It also tracks and measures a vast array of efficiency metrics across all operator tasks. SimControl allows trainers and managers to:
  • Benchmark and measure group and individual operator performance over time.
  • Estimate the positive impact your training is having on productivity and profit.
  • Effortlessly build detailed custom report templates using drag and drop functionality
  • Quickly identify performance gaps and skill areas requiring further training attention.
  • Access graphic reports in real time using your most current training data.
  • Export reports and data in a range of standard office formats.
  • Remotely review reports and backup data through SimCloud.

Visualization and Playback

Following training or assessment using a simulator, it is important for operators to be able to debrief and review their session. This allows trainers to highlight areas for improvement and replay operator mistakes or highlights.

SimControl offers full 3D playback of training sessions. This allows the trainer to ‘fly around’ a machine and review the playback from any angle - not possible in a video recording of a session. As the playback is viewed operator errors and events are highlighted as they happen and are displayed in an easy access list. The feature has a variety of training uses including:

  • Identifying which critical points in a session impact safety or efficiency
  • Using the playback as evidence that an error was made.
  • Explaining to an operator why an error occurred and how it could have been prevented.
  • Helping to identify trends in machine operation.


6 Monthly Upgrades

Over time technology advances, mine and operating procedures change, and training needs evolve. Therefore, it is important that the software on any simulation platform also changes with the times.

Immersive Technologies in-field support technicians constantly gather feedback from 
3 5 0 +
 simulator customers around the world and feed this information directly back to our in-house Product Management and Engineering Teams. At the same time we engage with industry subject matter experts and OEMs to ensure we receive product validation from machine experts. Significant engineering time is invested into SimControl on an ongoing basis allowing Immersive Technologies to release an upgraded version every 6 months incorporating this valuable feedback.

Immersive Technologies’ simulators utilize a common upgradable architecture. As a result, simulators in the field are upgraded to the latest PC hardware (every 3 years) and software (every 6 months) for customers with a Customer Support Package. Simulators as old as 15+ years continue to operate with our latest features. This unique upgradable architecture has also proven invaluable for mines changing or acquiring new equipment fleet. Newly acquired Conversion Kits can operate on existing hardware without existing simulators needing to be replaced.

SimControl 2023.2 – Our Latest Release

Get the most out of your simulator purchase with the latest version of SimControl - including vital updates and new functionalities.

  • Trainer & Platform Features
    • Photo-realistic Dozer and Wheel Loader graphics on PRO5 simulators
    • ‘Driving to conditions’ training– includes improvements to weather events that reduce driver visibility for Dozers and Wheel Loaders
    • Pre-Start Inspection – New reporting fields improving operator performance benchmarking
  • Surface and Underground Mining Features
    • Sustainability Training – Fuel efficiency features available for more trucks. New data fields have been added to better track fuel consumption
    • Enhanced Haul Truck Usability and Realism - Optimizing haul truck simulations to enhance operator training in a more realistic, user-friendly, and effective environment
    • Shovel and Excavator Truck Spotting Enhancements – Improvements and configuration for optimal truck spotting positions
    • Wheel Loader Optimization – Kick out functionality improvements
    • Underground Loader Spillage – Assess operator efficiency more accurately by measuring spillage and clean up time
    • New Operator Error for Underground Cable Bolters and Drills
  • Increased Autonomous Functionality
    • Komatsu FrontRunner® Autonomous System - support for ongoing version changes, more machines supported in autonomous simulation, enhanced functionality for Manual Haul Trucks, new events and errors
    • Cat® Command for Hauling - support for training for core autonomous functionality for Light Vehicle and Haul Truck operators
For the complete list of features, refer to the full release notes on
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