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Pre-Start Inspection

Training & Assessment Tool

Immersive Technologies’ Pre-Start Inspection tool ensures effective, efficient and consistent training of personnel. Using a visual learning system with realistic cues, the application caters for both experienced and green personnel.

  • Incorporate Site Operational Procedures in addition to OEM compliant inspection.
  • Personnel will identify the difference between worn and damaged components and are better equipped to identify conditions under which the machine should not be operated.
  • Learn to recognize problems before they become costly to repair. Save on maintenance costs and reduce likelihood of machine failure or environmental damage.

Pre-Start Inspection Checklist/Report


Create a curriculum targeting key vehicle components, customized to suit your site requirements. Once training and assessment scenarios have been configured, personnel are able to progress with minimal interaction from training staff.


Personnel learn correct inspection procedures using site and OEM compliant checklists. Pre Start training creates familiarity with names and locations of machine components, common points of failure and reporting maintenance issues.


Measure an individual’s competence when completing machine inspections. Progress is instantaneous with results shown on screen as well as being recorded for individual reporting. Reduce operational risks by implementing a targeted pre-start inspection training program.

Pre-Start Inspection