Mining Education/Training Centers

Simulation Based Mining Training Centers

  • Effective, efficient and engaging acquisition of knowledge and skills
  • Ability to handle large volumes of personnel
  • Standardized training for multiple sites
  • Reduced cost of ownership by sharing training resources

The availability of skilled mining workers is a common struggle in many countries throughout the world, impacting mining productivity, safety and ultimately profitability. Many countries are forecasting dire shortages in the coming years due to unskilled talent pools, an aging workforce and increased mining production. The development of training programs is a key focus for governments, mines and educational institutions. In support of this industry challenge, Immersive Technologies’ solutions have proven to be vital at numerous training centers around the world.

Immersive Technologies’ simulation based training is a key element of training programs around the world. Immersive Technologies’ training solutions are designed to develop the most skilled workforce and deliver quantified business improvements.

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Real Results at Mining Training Centers

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Edutecno, Chile

Chile was facing a shortfall in mining operators, so the ability to train large numbers of students and produce graduates favorable for employment was considered essential to the training center. Edutecno developed the region's first 'Virtual Experience Center', utilizing Immersive Technologies simulators.

"We use first rate simulators and the mining industry can be confident our graduates are trained with the technology and training packages they use."

Leonardo Montenegro, Mining Center and Transport Manager

College of the Rockies (COTR), Canada

A government report indicated that the top two mining sector in-demand occupations in the next 10 years would be heavy-equipment operators and truck drivers. COTR purchased five Immersive Technologies simulators, SimMentor and Trainer Productivity Station, to expand training capabilities to produce entry‑level workers. The simulators are used for training at several campuses.

After completion of the four-week program, students are qualified for entry‑level employment.

Ma'aden, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's mining industry was expanding faster than the available qualified workforce. Ma'aden recognized this need and invested in seven Immersive Technologies simulators along with 18 Conversion Kits® for surface and underground mining.

Two years after installation, more than 150 students successfully completed their two-year long coursework, qualifying them to hold mining jobs in Saudi Arabia.

Hibbing Community College, USA

Hibbing Community College sought to upgrade their capabilites in training a highly-skilled workforce, needed to support job skills partnerships with mining industry employers.

"The mines have said that if someone comes in with simulator training it does give them a leg up, they definitely would look favorably upon that. Students will get a step up in the hiring process."

Mary McCauley Brandt, Advanced Minnesota’s Customized Training Coordinator

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