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LX3 logo LX3 Medium fidelity simulator with Truck Conversion Kit

ALL NEW LX3 - Medium Fidelity Simulator

The LX3 brings all the training capabilities of the original Lite simulator with a new, modernized and more ergonomic design. The new layout and upgraded screens provide for enhanced realism and an expanded field of view.

This smaller footprint platform offers the same value for early stage and high throughput training and is ideal for machine and site familiarization, emergency response training and greater use of existing simulator modules at an affordable price.

The LX3 is compatible with the wide range of machines simulated from Immersive Technologies and shares the underlying technology of the industry leading PRO4 and IM360.

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Haul Trucks
Hydraulic Shovels
Rope Shovels
Track Dozers
Wheel Loaders
Light Vehicles
Surface Drills
Underground Haul Trucks