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TrainerAdvantage™ Simulator Certification Program

Fast track your training staff

TrainerAdvantage™ allows mines using the Advanced Equipment (AE) Simulators to gain the maximum benefit and return on investment from their purchase.

Ultimately your AE Simulator was purchased to increase mine profitability through more efficient and safer operators. In order to do this training staff must understand how to integrate the AE Simulator into their site training programs, how to competently operate the system for maximum training skills transfer and how to maintain the system to achieve availability in excess of 98%.

TrainerAdvantage™ delivers the training required to increase the level of knowledge your staff require to achieve these outcomes.


Certification Program

Consisting of three certification levels TrainerAdvantage™ includes classroom and hands-on sessions with the AE Simulator under the instruction of an Immersive Technologies specialist. Each level is designed to progressively increase training personnel’s knowledge from basic operation to advanced administration operation.

TrainerAdvantage™ Certification Modules

  • Level 1 - Trainer Operation
  • Level 2 - Setup, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
  • Level 3 - Administrator Operation

TrainerAdvantage™ Features

  • Classroom and hands-on training
  • Different levels of certification
  • Competency based assessment
  • Certification certificate and ID card
  • On-site or at Immersive Technologies

TrainerAdvantage™ Benefits

  • Effective integration of Simulator into site training program
  • Faster trainee throughput and higher trainee skills transfer
  • Increased Simulator availability
  • Best process when working with Customer Support
  • High level of data integrity
  • Globally recognized Certification
TrainerAdvantage - 2668 Simulator Trainers Now Certified

As at March 2020

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