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Immersive Technologies’ OPA Is Driving Safer and High-Performance Operations for OK Tedi

3 February 2020

OK Tedi in Papua New Guinea focus heavily on operator safety—as part of this commitment, they have established the first fully-integrated Operator Performance Analytics (OPA) system. The long-term partnership with Immersive Technologies is now utilizing Immersive’s leading workforce optimization technology to drive improvements in workforce development.

Following the successful delivery of continuous improvement projects and Managed Services, by Immersive Technologies, OK Tedi opted to establish an OPA installation on-site with the dual goals of improving safety and machine care among their operators. Using the OPA electronic operator scorecard, Ok Tedi were able to drill down to individual operator performance indicators. These indicators can be used to see how an operator compares with their peers or are trending over time. Ranking of all operators additionally provides a unique opportunity to motivate personal ownership of safety statistics and performance, while providing management an effective tool to identify training needs to improve overall mine site productivity.

Operator Performance Analytics (OPA) dashboard
Operator Performance Analytics (OPA) dashboard samples.

OPA data can also be filtered specific to machine errors, performance on different machines, performance over time and training history to locate the root cause of a performance trend. An initial dataset was analysed using 6 months of machine operational data from the field and simulator data. This was used to identify outlier operators in terms of risk rating or performance against key metrics (such as spot time, average speed loaded and average tons per km/hr).

“Operator Performance Analytics has enabled quicker analysis of mine operator performance to identify trends or patterns to mitigate risk relating to equipment reliability and operator productivity metrics. We now have a reliable operator data platform that gives real comprehensive data view to approach our operators and discuss training development needs or for reward and recognition for the outstanding performance based on both risk and productivity criteria,”

Masket Siune, Superintendent Mine Business Improvement & Operations Training OK Tedi

With multiple operational data sources integrated within OPA, OK Tedi easily identified a high incidence of high peak frame bias events, therefore prioritising simulator training for those operators contributing the highest error counts. Once underperforming operator groups or individuals are identified, these can be selected and assigned to a training needs analysis report. Simulator training can then be conducted, and training data automatically sent back to OPA —without manual intervention. Typical training scenarios for errors could require operators to navigate loaded trucks over rough road conditions or loading and dumping using the correct procedure. In turn this can be used for assessment of training retention and impact.

“At OK Tedi, analysis that previously took days or weeks, now take minutes, integrating disparate data systems with simulator generated data provides a single, powerful platform for workforce development planning.”

Alex Da Silva, Global Professional Services Manager at Immersive Technologies

OK Tedi plans to extend the use of OPA to additional machines types to further support its operations.



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