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OEM Alliances

Immersive Technologies has formal exclusive alliance agreements in place with the major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

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Caterpillar Global Mining

Hitachi Construction Machinery

Komatsu Ltd

Liebherr Mining Equipment Co

Modular Mining

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Why have the major OEM's formed exclusive alliances with Immersive Technologies?

Each major OEM has recognized the inherent benefits of simulator training. They are keen to see their customers utilizing simulators to maximize the value generated from their real equipment through better trained operators.

Each OEM thoroughly evaluated simulator suppliers and chose to exclusively align with Immersive Technologies due to the company’s industry acceptance and technological leadership. These relationships will ultimately provide the OEM’s customers’ with access to world leading simulators.

What do these alliances provide customers?

A key provision sees the OEM's provide Immersive Technologies with exclusive access to their confidential machine data and engineering information. This data is necessary to develop training simulators to the level of accuracy required to impact operator safety, decrease reactive maintenance costs and increase production.

Immersive Technologies' access goes far beyond the limited information that is available to others in the public domain. In addition to this valuable information, each Immersive/OEM alliance has been tailored with other provisions to maximize the value the relationship can deliver our joint customers.

Why Immersive Technologies?

After significant supplier evaluation each major OEM has chosen to exclusively recommend Immersive Technologies' Advanced Equipment Simulators while exclusively providing the necessary confidential machine data and engineering information required to produce a simulator that delivers results.

This unprecedented support and commitment from the OEM's has helped to firmly entrench Immersive Technologies' AE Simulator technology as the industry leader. This provides customers the comfort of knowing they are investing wisely in a proven and accepted technology that is here to stay.

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