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Worksite Walk-Around

Immersive Technologies provides custom solutions designed to train all staff using world leading technologies. Our interactive simulation training increases site safety and keep your personnel out of harm’s way. A highly realistic 360° high definition simulator and customized environment delivers a powerful tool providing for site familiarization, emergency and evacuation training progressing into detailed mine operations training. The dynamics of your site operation will be replicated to give the maximum realism in the training environment.

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Site Familiarization Training

Using an interactive environment customized to your site specifications your personnel can explore and become familiar with your current or future site.

Evacuation Training

Train under conditions not able to be replicated on an actual site ensuring your personnel know how to respond to an evacuation.

Emergency Training

Ensure your personnel are prepared to handle worksite emergencies, building confidence for correct action and response.


RealView™ technology allows trainees to see their view updated based on their head and body position, allowing them to peer around visual obstructions providing the ultimate in training immersion and realism.


Our world first RealMove™ system allows operators to freely walk around your site and equipment allowing for realistic familiarization training, practical emergency and evacuation training.

Complete & Scalable Workforce Training Solution

Through our holistic approach to workforce development, Immersive Technologies provides our customers with a training model that ensures high levels of staff readiness and operational improvement, while taking advantage of a range of technologies to ensure the most cost effective solution.

We do this through blending eLearning, Instructor Led Training and High Fidelity Simulators within a curriculum to meet your specific needs. This ensures the lowest cost training tool is applied at all times without compromising learning or assessment outcomes.

Worksite Walk-Around (2 minutes)

Equipment Simulators

IM360 High Fidelity Simulator
Built specifically for underground.

A concise version of SimControl that you can install and run on your laptop or desktop.

Maintain complete visibility over your local or global simulation training activities via a secure website.

Briefing, Debriefing and Live Session Display available via a large touch screen monitor.

Trainer Productivity Station
A centralized workstation that can connect up to five Advanced Equipment Simulators.

Increase training personnel’s knowledge from basic operation to advanced administration operation.

Custom Mine Sites
Highly realistic 3D representation of your actual mining operation.

Customer Support Packages
Flexible packages delivering system availability, mitigation of implementation risks and real operational results.

Learning Systems

Instructor Led Training
Highly customized classroom based training to address site specific objectives.

An interactive, self-directed computer application designed to present information and confirm employee comprehension and ability.

Consulting & Analytics

Continuous Improvement Projects
Utilize mine site data to determine targeted objectives and deliver measurable outcomes.

Training Systems Integration
The mining industry’s most trusted technology integration and mine operator training framework.


If the equipment you need is not listed above please contact us today to discuss upcoming Conversion Kit® releases.

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