Training Solution for the Cat® Command for Hauling System

Immersive Technologies are at the forefront of Workforce Development for in-field roles within Autonomous Haulage mining operations. Immersive have pioneered the use of blended learning systems, including simulation and human performance metrics to mitigate the risks related to autonomous haulage mining operations.

Knowledge retention increases significantly as operators progress through the blended learning approach.

*eLearning, Classroom and In-field Training components are usually provided by Cat® for Command for Hauling System.

Workforce Development Model for Autonomous Haulage mining

Innovative technologies have enabled a more immersive training experience, enabling majority of initial training for autonomous haulage operations to be completed virtually using tools such as Machine Inspection, Virtual Classroom and Equipment Simulators.

Equipment Simulator Training Overview

Simulator for Cat® Command for Hauling System

Advanced Simulation provides the ultimate in learning-by-doing with skills gained tranferring directly to the field.

The Equipment Operator Simulator Training solution has the simulated version of Cat® Command for Hauling Panel integrated into the relevant machine modules to provide training for:

  • Shovel Operators
  • Excavator / Backhoe Operators
  • Wheel Loader Operators
  • Dozer Operators
  • Grader Operators
  • Light Vehicle Operators (Pit Technician)
  • Truck Maintenance Personnel

The Equipment Simulator Training Solution provides the ultimate in learning-by-doing with skills gained transferring directly to the field. This solution tracks how efficiently the operator interacts with the autonomous system by tracking specific metrics relating to spot creation times, truck wait times and exception times. These metrics help in identifying specific skills gaps and improvement opportunities. Highly targeted training can then be provided to improve those specific skills, for example, to reduce truck spotting times and avoid any associated delays. This ensures the highest levels of sustainable productivity.

Additionally, simulator training significantly reduces the amount of in-field training time, minimizing impact to production and ensuring that machines remain fully productive in operation for longer.

Supporting training for several autonomous haulage sites across the world, we understand that every site has slightly different needs. So, our autonomous training solutions are tailored to suit site-specific training needs. This ensures that skills development from basic competency through to advanced skill optimization can be achieved by the site.

Compatible Machine Groups


Machine Inspection Overview

Conducting proper machine inspections within an autonomous haulage operations site is critical as it can significantly impact worksite safety and productivity. Machine Inspection allows the detailed visualization of equipment components within the inspection checklists including injecting early indications of failure for the machine in life-like detail. This allows personnel to be trained and assessed on conducting effective inspections in a manner not possible using on the job training.

Machine Inspection allows visualizing components of equipment (including autonomous trucks , loading machines and auxiliary equipment) included within the inspection checklists and common points of failure for the machine in life-like detail. This allows personnel to be trained and assessed on the understanding and level of accuracy at conducting inspections without the need for taking a machine out of production.

Learn more about our Machine Inspection

Virtual Classroom Overview

Virtual Classroom provides a virtual environment that allows the learner to practice and perfect their skills by executing AHS tasks and procedures utilizing a desktop-style simulation. This can be used self-paced or instructor-led.

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Cam Command Scenario Objective box
Scenario Session for Cat

Request Training Solution for the Cat® Command for Hauling System

Cat® Command for Hauling System Training Simualtor

Rapidly and effectively prepare equipment operators to work with Cat® Command for Hauling System.

  • Train personal to safety and efficiently interact with autonomous trucks and other personal working within an autonomous environment.
  • Consistently measure, assess and optimize the skills of equipment operators without interfering with production.
  • Increase training effectiveness and learning retention to deliver high levels of competency on the Cat® Command for Hauling System based mining operations.

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