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PRO3-B Training Simulator for Surface Mining

The PRO3-B has been specifically designed for surface mining. It delivers cutting edge technologies which dramatically increase realism to a level not previously seen by the mining industry.

The PRO3-B ensures our customers have the world's best simulation solution to drive operator optimization and business improvements.

The PRO3-B represents over 3 years of intense research and engineering. It incorporates the knowledge and experience we have gained from the largest installed base of mining simulators globally and our exclusive alliances with the leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Classroom and Transportable configurations

All of our high fidelity Advanced Equipment Simulators are available in either classroom or transportable configurations.

The classroom model has been designed to be installed in existing buildings and training areas. It allows trainers to oversee multiple simulators simultaneously and provides an open environment for group sharing and learning.

The transportable model can be moved relatively easily between sites and is self-contained; ideal when training space is not available indoors. Built to withstand the extremes of global mining environments, the transportable configuration has been designed with an IP54 rating for extreme dust and water proofing. Its temperature and airflow controls and reduced operating noise ensure optimal trainee and trainer comfort during training sessions.

Seamless 180° visual experience

Utilizing advanced screen display technology, the PRO3-B delivers an unparalleled visual experience, setting a new standard in simulation quality resulting in increased training engagement and learning retention.

Real View Experience

A vital new feature that dynamically adjusts the perspective of the trainee providing a true real-world view outside the cabin while increasing their level of depth perception.

Accurate motion platform feedback

Utilizing the very latest technology, the PRO3-B motion platform delivers the optimum level of feedback required to accurately simulate all surface mining equipment operation.

From rapid jolts, feelings of acceleration or the fine-tuned sensitivity necessary for dozer operation, the PRO3-B motion platform delivers unrivalled tactile feedback to the trainee while safely allowing the trainer to stand immediately next to the trainee to provide the necessary training direction and direct feedback.

The PRO3-B motion platform allows a safer and more efficient exchange of the modular Conversion Kits®.

Enhanced Trainer Station

The Enhanced Trainer Station is a dual-monitor interface that allows a trainer to better manage the simulator during a session. With the new advancements trainers can now, observe a 3D view, trigger events, review errors as they occur, generate reports, administer scenarios and learners all while running training sessions, vastly improving trainer efficiency.

The two screen setup allows a trainer to administer the simulator on one screen while a view of the session is run on the second screen. New views of the simulation are part of the enhancement and include multiple fixed views and free-roaming camera settings which allow the trainer to view the learner's performance from any angle.

Wide Range of Mining Equipment Simulated

Immersive Technologies provides an extensive range of Conversion Kit® interchangeable equipment modules for the PRO3-B and IM360 base simulator platforms, that allows a range of different equipment to be simulated.

Immersive Technologies' Conversion Kits benefit from exclusive technical licensing agreements the company has with the leading Original Equipment Manufacturers(OEMs). This allows Immersive Technologies to simulate the functionality and operating environment of the OEM's machines with unrivalled accuracy.

Complete Solution Compatibility

Immersive Technologies' Advanced Equipment Simulators are supported by the industry's most comprehensive range of compatible tools, technologies and professional services. This ensures a solution to meet or exceed your needs can be defined, delivered, implemented and generating operational results quickly and with very low risk.

Quality and Dependability

Manufactured under a rigorous Quality System in our state of the art production facility, all Advanced Equipment Simulators are constructed with quality and dependability in mind in order to maximize return on your investment.


Haul Trucks
Hydraulic Shovels
Rope Shovels
Track Dozers
Wheel Loaders
Light Vehicles
Surface Drills
Underground Haul Trucks

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