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TECSUP Hits Technological Milestone with Equipment Simulator from Immersive Technologies

11 June, 2015

As operator excellence focuses more on technology integration, TECSUP has teamed up with Immersive Technologies to deliver the ultimate in operator training. Peru based TECSUP, a technology leader dedicated to educate and train professionals, will be using the latest Advanced Equipment Simulator from Immersive Technologies.

The PRO3-B classroom simulator has been installed on the TECSUP campus and Otto Frech, General Director of TECSUP Centro says, “the acquisition of this simulator marks a milestone in the technological development of TECSUP. The achievement is due to a strategic alliance with Immersive Technologies, worldwide leader in mining simulators. That leadership translates into know-how and in better practices that produce profitability and higher productivity, and therefore a more competitive mining sector. This know-how is in Peru and in TECSUP.”

The new simulator is part of an investment destined for the procurement of new machinery, infrastructure and training of teachers of the Mining Operations course of studies. This new technology is oriented toward improving productivity and safety in mining production.

Currently, the majority of heavy machinery operators have been instructed empirically. “What is being sought with the training through this simulator is to achieve an increase of up to 20% in the operating productivity of a mining project”, pointed out Raúl Flores, expert coordinator of the TECSUP Operator School.

With the acquisition of this simulator, TECSUP will provide mining companies and the construction sector with personnel selection services, certification of competencies and training plans. It will also enable its students in the mining operations specialization to develop supervisor and planning competencies in mining equipment.

The alliance with Immersive Technologies will also enable TECSUP to develop applied research projects, such as determining the optimization curve for the operation based on the yield of the operators and equipment.

TECSUP and Immersive Technologies unveil the newest addition to the TECSUP training offering, an Advanced Equipment Simulator from Immersive Technologies

The teams from TECSUP and Immersive Technologies unveil the newest addition to the TECSUP training offering, an Advanced Equipment Simulator from Immersive Technologies.



About Immersive Technologies

Immersive Technologies is the world’s largest, proven and tested supplier of surface and underground Advanced Equipment Simulators to the global mining industry. The company has achieved this unique position by focusing on its mission to increase Customer profitability by optimizing the safety and productivity of their operators. Immersive Technologies’ Advanced Equipment Simulators are helping hundreds of mining companies around the world to increase their equipment operators’ safety and site profitability through effective simulation training.

Immersive Technologies provides its customers with the most effective Advanced Equipment Simulators available. This is made possible through the formal licensing and technical information alliances Immersive has established with the leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), including: Caterpillar Global Mining, Hitachi, Komatsu and Liebherr. These unique alliances provide Immersive Technologies with access to the OEM’s proprietary and confidential machine technical information that is required to correctly simulate the OEM’s machines and is not available through other public or dealer channels.

With advanced simulator modules deployed in 50 countries, Immersive Technologies is dedicated to provide outstanding service. To deliver on this commitment the company has customer sales and support offices located close to its customers in Perth and Brisbane Australia, Salt Lake City USA, Fort McMurray, Ottawa & Vancouver Canada, Monterrey Mexico, Lima Peru, Santiago Chile, Belo Horizonte Brazil, Bochum Germany, Johannesburg South Africa, Jakarta Indonesia, Kolkata India and Moscow Russia.

Immersive has the global mining experience, innovative technology, product range, OEM relationships, proven support commitment and industry vision to partner with you to ensure your simulator training solution delivers the significant results you expect.

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