Digital Integration in Underground Mining

Linking machine data to operator behaviour

Integrating digital technologies into the underground mining environment can deliver phenomenal advantages – boosting productivity, reducing downtime, improving safety and streamlining activities.

Working with a partner who understands how to deliver on these digital objectives is the key to its successful implementation.

Watch now the recorded version of the recent live webinar in conjunction with Mining Review Africa that addresses digital implementation with ease.


Johan Stemmet

Johan Stemmet

Vice President – EMEA & CIS | Immersive Technologies

Digital Integration in Underground Mining Introduction

Our Industry continues to improve for safety, however we are a long way from zero fatalities, productivity continues a long decline, across all regions and commodities and the equipment is becoming increasingly complex, and operators more inexperienced. We have capability to develop workforce across all of these categories – Recruitment and Selection, New Operator Onboarding, Workforce Optimization and Skills Profiling by integrating people, process, technology and actionable data to obtain real results.

Alex Da Silva

Alex Da Silva

Global Professional Services Manager | Immersive Technologies

Making your data actionable with operator performance analytics

Every shift a mine generates hundreds of data points measuring an operator’s performance. Most of the time, this data is construed as “noise” because it is not filtered, analyzed or presented in a useful way. Meaningful analysis is typically labor-intensive, ad-hoc and sensitive to validity threats. This creates a huge opportunity cost for the mine, unknown and under-addressed performance issues typically cost millions of dollars per annum. This session takes a look at the pitfalls and opportunities of linking mine data to actionable interventions.

Rebecca Stewart

Rebecca Stewart

Product Manager | Immersive Technologies

Autonomous mining & blended training solutions

As the number of Underground mines entering the Autonomous Mining journey increases, the need for a blended training solution is evident. This event will focus on the challenges faced for mines on the journey towards full automation and the solutions that will charter a way forward for those wanting to see real results. Recent additions to Immersive Technologies product offering will also be revealed and find out how these products can be integrated into a successful training program at your mine.

Jose Antonio de la Torre Navarro

Regional Services Manager - North America | Immersive Technologies

Data in action: Customer case study

This Case Study highlights the importance of linking machine data to simulator interventions. Targeted simulator curriculum is derived from actual mine data, identifying areas of potential improvement, and focusing all efforts on #RealResults.

Bill Maki

Bill Maki

Senior Product Manager, LHDs and Trucks | Komatsu Mining

Linking operators to OEMs: Komatsu Hybrid LHD

The new Komatsu SR Hybrid LHD provides mines with enhanced features which will be beneficial for any underground mine, ultimately relating to greater productivity compared to the mechanical drive system. Learn how this machine engages with its operators.

Jason Aucamp

Jason Aucamp

Operations & Projects Director | Commit Works

Right people, right place and right time

Most operational sites can make huge productivity gains by improving the coordination of frontline work. You need a frontline commitment system to get control and deliver on the potential of your operation.

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