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Workforce Development Feasibility Studies

Are you responsible for ramping up greenfield operations, improving outcomes at an existing site or even developing an entire workforce strategy for a mining region? Do you have questions around the best training solution for your current situation? Our feasibility studies will provide you with the data and confidence to make the right decision on how to most effectively develop your workforce. We have provided feasibility studies for dozens of mining customers to help them ensure the solution they implement meets the demands placed on it.

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We realize that workforce development studies have multiple uses including validation of beliefs, removing risk from investment decisions and providing insight into the “make or break” variables surrounding an operator training project. Because of this we have developed a flexible yet comprehensive model of workforce development feasibility analysis. This includes investigation of:

  1. Mining Market Issues
  2. Organizational and Technical Issues; and
  3. Financial Issues.

Market Issues

  • What are the mining workforce demands, are they accumulating or shrinking?
  • What is the current operator talent profile in your mining region? How and why does it need to change in 1, 2 and 3 years?
  • What are the major mine training needs, how do you best change and manage the talent profile?

Organizational and Technical Issues

  • What mining jobs and tasks are required to make this project successful?
  • What are the mining staffing needs?
  • What training technology and equipment is needed?
  • How can the mine training technology be integrated seamlessly?

Financial Issues

  • Capital Requirements
  • Operational Requirements
  • Return On Investment and Profitability

Global Operator Benchmarking System

We will give you data driven insights from our proprietary Global Operator Benchmarking System to demonstrate the best way to develop talent in your commodity, region and fleet. Our research across 100,000 operator training instances can give you an edge in developing talent in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Global operator benchmark graph

Global Trend of Haul Truck Operation Errors Affecting Fuel Usage