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Operator training drives behavioral change and performance improvement, but today’s physical distancing requirements dampen the effects of one on one training. Immersive Technologies is expanding our efforts to keep your people safe while maintaining the high levels of learning engagement and knowledge retention that the mining industry knows us for.

Connect your simulator to the new Remote Trainer Station, increase physical distance and maintain a quality 1:1 coaching environment.

Remote Trainer Station (RTS) introduces video conferencing facilities between your existing simulator cabin and a trainer desk located in a separate office*. RTS utilizes the same trainer friendly interface your trainers have become accustomed to. Through two-way communication and monitoring functionality, trainers can continue to coach and train as if they were right next to the trainee.

Trainer Station Inclusions - Tablet display add-on, Mini-PC, two monitors, keyboard and mouse, microphone headset Trainer Station Inclusions - Tablet display add-on, video camera, hands-free microphone

* Remote Trainer Station works through site network infrastructure.
Contact your Customer Support Representative for specific requirements. Other add-ons are available for Classroom simulators or multiple simulator setups.

Remote Trainer Station includes additional hardware, software license upgrade, 12‑month warranty, and phone support.

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